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The Whiskey Bent Total Package

The Whiskey Bent Total Package

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Take the deal on this combo pack featuring all 10 Whiskey Bent BBQ rubs including the Whiskey Bent BBQ x Kendrick BBQ Collaboration rubs. 10 pack includes: 

The Ancho Americano - Ancho Chile Rub - Kendrick BBQ Collaboration

The Pecannery - Pecan + Cherry Rub - Kendrick BBQ Collaboration

Sweet Mash - Pork and Poultry Rub

100 Proof -Everything Rub 

The Rocks - All Red Meat Rub

The Grind - Coffee Blend

The Fix - All Purpose Rub

The Bird - Poultry Rub

The Blazin' Bird - Spicy Poultry Rub

The Old Fashioned - Pork and Rib Rub

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