About Us

Flavor is the best remedy.

Ingredients, seasonings, and recipes for professionals and home chefs. We hand pick every product for you, so you can master any flavor.

  • No Experience Necessary

    We source products every chef can use no matter your experience level. We are constantly creating new products for your shelf.

  • Small Batch Seasonings

    We source and sell small batch signature seasonings from chefs and bbq professionals across the country.

  • Handpicked Products

    We guarantee the freshness and quality of our products because we handpick them and deliver them directly to you.

KitchenScripts.com is owned and operated by Iron Oaks Distributors, LLC. Terms such as "prescribed" and "script" are intended to be a play on words and are by no means intended to offer guidance or access to medical information or medical goods. The only promise we offer is one of exceptional quality and taste!